Wait a minute, what is APRS?

APRS stands for Automated Packet Reporting System. Usually in the amateur radio world, we commonly use this to transmit our position, weather reports, text messages, announcements, and or objects of interest, such as repeaters. You can check out the APRS.fi website to look around the area for items of interest. You should see the two K9JX repeaters on the map.


What is an igate you ask?

An igate will listen to APRS beacons and upload them to the APRS internet system and allow objects to be disaplayed on the APRS.fi map. Why is this useful? It can be used to display objects, such as repeaters, or locations of events, such as field day or hamfests.


Ok, so then what is a digipeater?

A digipeater is similar to an FM voice repeater, but for APRS packets, although operating simplex (TX on the same frequency as RX, in this case, 144.390 MHz). Having a digipeater will allow APRS packets to be retransmitted at a potentially higher power, and to better facilitate the sending and recieving of text messages and other items of interest on capable systems. Having internet access will allow those messages to bridge the RF gap and travel long distances.


Why do we want one?

There aren't any igates\digipeaters in Morgan or Scott county, so there is avoid on the map. If someone is travelling along the interstate 72 in our area, their position wont be updated, and they may not recieve messages or bulletins in a timely fashion. We are currently announcing the JARS net via APRS, as well as the two K9JX repeater frequencies. Having a digipeater will allow those messages to popup on certain radios automatically.